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Matsumoto Trading Co., Ltd. is a trading company that specializes in cosmetic ingredients and has a history of more than 360 years.
Since it was founded in 1663 in Nihonbashi, Edo as a pharmaceutical products wholesaler named Iwashiya Matsumoto Ihei, our company has been developing by changing business category and operations in steps with changes in the market environment and customer needs.
Most recently, we entered the safety and efficacy testing services and Food & Healthcare business, in addition to selling, importing, and exporting cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredients.
Moreover, to respond promptly to domestic and overseas needs, we have established overseas bases in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia, and are also working to build a global logistics system.
We will continue to take on challenges inexhaustibly, focusing on sales of cosmetic ingredients and safety testing services, as a company that provides value-added information to customers.

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About Matsumoto trading

MATSUMOTO TRADING Co.,Ltd.360 years of Matsumoto trading history360 years of Matsumoto trading history


Our businesses contribute to society by improving lives, seeking to benefit people, society and the planet.


Matsumoto Trading Co., Ltd. has been in business for more than 360 years.
We will continue to grow by providing customers with comprehensive support related to cosmetics and health foods.