Corporate Philosophy

Our corporate philosophies are “Respect for Humanity”, “Priority on Contribution”, “Focus on Ingenuity”, and “Improvement of Lifestyle Quality”. With the importance we place on providing information, guided by our corporate philosophies and together with the support of our employees, we aim to be a company that grows along with our clients.

Corporate Philosophy

Respect for Humanity

Human Development with Fairness and Equal Opportunities

  • Equal opportunities for status and pay promotion through fair assessment system
  • Equal opportunities irrespective of gender, full employees or part-time workers

Good Communication and Sincere Thankfulness

  • Close communication between senior staff and employees, and between management directors and employees’ families
  • Promotion to call each other by personal name (―san), not by the title of their business position
  • Hold a gratitude party for “Matsumoto OB’ Club”
  • Hold a gratitude party for our business partners (Iwashi kai)

Priority on Contribution

Contribution to Industry

  • Hold “Annual Seminars” on cosmetic ingredients
  • Utilize the “Open Laboratory”(Trial production room of new cosmetics)
  • Thanks party for our business partners (Iwashi kai)
  • Hold an introductory exhibition of new cosmetic ingredients

Contribution to Society

  • Donate to various organizations
    • Registered member of “WWFJ” and donation to it
    • Donation to “Global Environmental Protection Fund”, ”UNICEF”
    • Contribution to relief of Niigata / Sumatra Earth Quakes damages
  • Acknowledged as an excellent corporation for proper tax payment
  • Develop and supply environment – friendly raw materials

Focus on Ingenuity

Improvement of “Information Sensitivity

  • Enhance free feeling for more creative ieas, by employing “Casual Wear Working Style” since 1970
  • Support employees for self-improvement , by offering opportunities to participate seminars , correspondence courses , or English conversation classes to employees
  • Draw pictures with our corporate philosophy as themes

Toward Group of High Level Brain Workers

  • Grasp clients’ needs through Counseling Sales Method
  • Offer useful and high added-value information
  • Promote female business persons since 1970’s
  • Hold “Cosmetic Ingredients Seminar” annually and utilize the Open Laboratory (Trial production room of new cosmetics)
  • Hold an introductory exhibition of new cosmetic ingredients
  • Mobilize business operation since 1990’s

Improvement of Lifestyle Quality

Improvement of Life Quality

  • From seniority system to Capability-Qualification system, further toward the system based on business result / job classification
  • Bonus assessment based on count of positive points earned
  • Support for educational and training expenses
  • Regular holding of open seminar ( educational seminar to experience different cultures )

Toward Peace of Mind and Good Health Care

  • Aid system by “ Matsumoto Medical Fund “ to cover expensive medical expenses
  • Assistance system is available to receive other specific medical checks (such as intestine , lung cancers) in addition to regular health checks
  • Generous accident insurances are provided at the time of business travel abroad
  • Recommendation for music entertainment (Registered member of MUSICASA)
  • System to assist expense for traveling
  • Establishment of Matsumoto Library